Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nancy Boys

You’ve heard about it over and over again….. The complaints, phone calls and comments on the Anti Gym’s controversy- from Michael Karolchyk, his marketing, the concepts, systems, etc.

The reactions have not changed one bit, even though the commercials have been aired for months now on Fox Channel. The number of phone calls that Michael Karolchyk receives due to these ads have been overwhelmingly hostile, rude, and downright absurd. It has also been shocking to see not only the reactions, but just how these crazy people go out of their way to express feelings about the Anti Gym and Karolchyk.

My question is this…. Why do MEN call in and complain about the commercials? I can understand a woman getting her panties in a bunch over the commercials (plus, with a large rear end, underwear tends to move out of place). A chubby woman especially, may take these commercials personally and find it offensive (due to denial and the harsh truth- plus Sophia in the commercial may be your cake eating buddy). The “small” women who call in, well, as they claim, call in because they have fat friend. And they find the commercial offensive to their “friend”, and don‘t want their feelings to be hurt. Yah sure.

But, men. What could possibly drive a man to call the Anti Gym about the ad. I would think that the average man will either chuckle or ignore it. Why would he call in with a nasty attitude? Karolchyk’s comment on the commercial is “You’ll never get a hubby if you’re a chubby”! How does any man take this personally or get flustered because of this marketing ploy?

I can only come up with a couple of reasons why the male species would call the Anti Gym in an uproar.

1. They have a chubby wife with fattitude. Fattitude, as defined in the urban dictionary: A combination of "Fat" and "Attitude"; the loud, boisterous, obnoxious arrogance often displayed by large and/or obese women. This is very common; many large women often try to overshadow their physical enormity with a similarly large and over-exaggerated large-and-in-charge attitude.

If a man is calling Karolchyk with a nasty message, he is obviously scared of his wife’s fattitude behavior, and is terrified of her reaction to HIS amusement. He is foreseeing the wrath from her disgust if he doesn’t pretend to be offended. These are more than likely the men who immediately go to the Anti Gym’s website when his lady leaves the room to answer the door for the Chinese delivery guy!!

2. He likes chubby women, because he himself is chubby! This man is worried that the Anti Gym will make overweight chubbies extinct. He is petrified that he too will have to lose weight to get a mate! When he loses his chubby partner, he will feel and look like a sloth.

This man’s fear of losing a chubby lady is blocking his clear way of thinking. He is the man who lies only to make himself feel more comfortable. He is the guy that says he loves an overweight woman, a plump princess. But, the admitted truth is that they love bigger women simply because they seem "more comfortable with themselves”. These are also the guys who say “looks don’t matter”. HA. I dare you to turn down the temptation of a hot, sexy fit woman!

3. He is a Nancy Boy who is a member of all the feminist blog sites or a husband of the leader. This man is typically so desperate for a woman (as he is probably chubby), that he will pretend to agree with angry women. He also loves fat chicks, because they are coinsures of the fastest delivery service in the area.

The feminist blog writers are generally angry, have fattitude, and are upset at the world for their problems. This particular man is allowed to join, despite his gender, because he claims to be for woman power! He doesn’t think logically about anything and eventually believes that everything is offensive in life, everyone is out to get you, and that angry women are in the right no matter what!!!

4. This man might think he is a woman! Because of his lazy nature, full of excuses attitude, and lack of accountability has caused 1 thing….. The development of large man boobs along with his gut. The man boobs have convinced him to become sensitive to his inner woman. In this case a large, angry woman.

Like it or love it, almost everyone’s attention is caught by the Anti Gym. It’s now public attention to weight loss is out of this world. People who hate it, generally don’t like the person that looks back at them in the mirror. They react out of anger, rage, and disgust. People who love it, generally ADMIT they don’t like the person that looks back at them in the mirror. Forgive me and the Anti Gym for speaking the harsh truth, not sugar coating the negative reality of chubbies and obesity. Forgive us for speaking out against laziness and excuses. Phone calls, emails and vicious attitudes will not stop the revolution… Carry on!!

And remember: As Michael says- if you have a thin skin you will never be thin!!"