Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Overweight at Work vs. Overweight Complainers

I often experience and observe 2 kinds of fat people; 1- Those that are overweight, but at work, trying to do something to improve. 2- Those that are overweight, but are only making pathetic excuses to dismiss responsibility (most likely blaming and complaining).

Overweight. A term generally used to indicate a chubby that has more body fat than is useful for optimal body functioning. Obesity has becoming a common condition in today‘s society, with influences of an overindulgence of food and little activity for burning calories.

Recent studies have indicated that as much as 64% of the adult US population is overweight, and this number is increasing.

A healthy body requires a minimum amount of fat for the proper functioning, but the accumulation of too much storage fat can impair movement and flexibility, and can alter the appearance of the body in ways that some may find repulsive!!!! Too much body fat, being overweight is a ridiculous way to live. YUCK!!!

The first excuse that so many overweight men and women use is the famous “I have a thyroid problem”. COME ON!!!!!! Approx 1 in 13 or 7.35% of Americans will actually suffer from a thyroid disorder. Sure there is a slim chance that obesity is caused by this disorder, but hardly a common reason! You can’t eat an entire pizza 5 nights a week, gain 15lbs., and then blame it on your thyroid. GET WITH IT!

Chubby excuse makers are those people who have hatred towards those of us that are thin, healthy, in-shape. These overweight jokers are fast food junkies, lazy, and terrified of anything healthy. They see exercise and vegetables as the evil of all.

What causes the obesity and overweight epidemic in our country is simple. It boils down to a lack of control and responsibility. It is fast food, overeating, decrease in exercise, downhill calorie expenditure. NOT A THYROID PROBLEM!!!

Some individuals are overweight, but have chosen to do something about their problem… committing to a lifestyle change. This includes an increase in exercise, conscious food choices, and most importantly, the ELIMINATION OF EXCUSES!!!

Other overweight individuals will continue to be fatsos. There is nothing worse than a large person who is miserably unpleasant, and hates those of us that are normal sized. They feel that anyone who is trying to lose weight is a sell out. They get nasty and bitter towards those who are working to make America healthier.

These excuse makers are angry at most things in their life. The only thing that comforts them is a huge scoop of ice cream in their mouth, their hand in a bag of potato chips while gulping soda.
Fatsos and the overweight many times experience a decrease in sexual activity as well. This only negatively affects the already bad attitudes of the plump complainers. YIKERS!

Besides the nasty effects that obesity and being overweight has on someone’s personal life, it also has negative effects in the workplace. According to Susan Combs, Texas comptroller of public accounts, in 2005, obesity cost Texas businesses an estimated $3.3 billion and could cost employers up to $15.8 billion annually by 2025 if this trend continues unchecked.

“Across the United States, approximately $700 billion in overall annual health care expenditures today are avoidable costs caused by unhealthy lifestyles,” said Dr. Paul Handel, vice president/chief medical officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. “Companies should create policies that encourage individual responsibility and lead to societal changes that nurture healthier lifestyles.”

WAKE UP!! Facts like these are telling you to get with the program. Drop the muffins, drop the bad attitude, and make a lifestyle change… so you can drop the pounds!!!!!