Monday, April 2, 2007


We’ve all heard the saying, “ I take life with a grain of salt, a wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila”? Well, this is true for healthy, sexy individuals, not just the bearded ladies.

Alcohol has been labeled as the second most evil pleasure in life, and is almost always banned from suggested diets by personal trainers. I call bluff on the theory that the elimination of alcohol from your diet is essential to be sexy and fit. I say yes to moderate alcohol consumption… as there are health benefits. And letting loose and having a little bit of fun is always good. Bearded ladies, you should try this, and take a break from your emailing!

Moderate consumption of alcohol may provide health benefits to the human body and mind. Alcohol reduces a person’s risk of developing heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and intermittent claudicating. Along with this is a reduced risk of strokes, particularly ischemic strokes (clot-caused). Gallstone and type 2 diabetes risks are also lower with alcohol consumption. These facts have been supported by more than 100 prospective studies.

The idea of moderate drinking has been biologically and scientifically plausible on a number of levels. So, drink up. Relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that your sexiness will stick around!!!

*Look for The Anti-Gym cocktail menu in selected bars and clubs in Denver.