Monday, January 28, 2008

What Is Beautiful Is Good

Physical appearance……. And attraction based on physical appearance. It has been around since the time of Adam and Eve. Genealogy if you will.

My first question is this: Why do people get so upset that the Anti Gym believes in physical appearance, attractiveness, sexiness and vanity?

Lets be brutally honest people. Would you ever date someone that is physically repulsive? Humans find a spouse when they are attracted to them…. THEN they find out that the inside is great as well. Women love a man that is missing a gut, has a nice ass, accompanied by a trim chest and strong arms! Men love a woman who has a great figure: low body fat, amazing proportions, a flat stomach, boobs and a nice toosh. Simple as that!! “You won’t get a hubby if you are a chubby” is a harsh but true statement. Who is going to deny you have a better pool of men to pick from if you are in great shape and beautiful? Who is going to deny also that you have a better chance of finding an attractive, smart, sexy, sophisticated woman if you are a lean, strapping man?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I don’t think so (maybe to a very slight extent. VERY SLIGHT). 250 pound women and 300 pound men are not beautiful or sexy. They will have a hard time finding a hubby.......... so get over it! You won't get a guy until you drop the pie! The basis of any courtship, date or relationship is basic physical attraction. If you are not attracted to someone and they are not attracted to you, you have just become friends.

If looks didn’t matter, and size and weight don’t matter, then why do overweight people buy designer clothes? Why do they wear spanx and garters? TO LOOK BETTER and TO SLIM THEIR FIGURES!

Whether you think you are good looking, great looking, hot, sexy, nerdy, whatever….. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE! You also know who and what you are attracted to. Initial dates are all about looks, about who and what we find attractive and we are foolish if we try and suppress these desires. The key thing though is that we must not underplay the reality that looks are important when dating.

Many have asserted that certain advantages tend to come to those that are perceived as being more attractive, including the ability to get better jobs and promotions, receiving better treatment from authorities, having more choices in romantic partners and, therefore, more power in relationships, and marrying into families with more money.

In the area of employment decision making, attractiveness also influences interviewers’ judgments of job applicants. Physical attractiveness can have a significant effect on how people are judged in terms of social opportunities, friendship, sexual behavior and marriage! In many cases, humans attribute positive characteristics (intelligence and honestly) to attractive people without consciously realizing it.
Physical attractiveness can have real effects. A survey conducted by London Guildhall University of 11,000 people showed that those who subjectively describe themselves as physically attractive earn more income than others who would describe themselves as less attractive. People who described themselves as less attractive earned, on average, 13% less than those who described themselves as more attractive, while the penalty for being overweight was around 5%. Another study indicated that physical attractiveness in men plays an even larger role for salary than it does for women, contributing as much as 40% to earnings. Other factors such as self-confidence may explain or influence these findings. But, with a healthy appearance and physical splendor comes confidence. Even these considerations would suggest a significant role for physical appearance.

The bias in favor of physically attractive people is robust, with attractive people being perceived as more sociable, happier and more successful than unattractive people. Attractiveness biases have been statistically proven and demonstrated in such different areas as teacher judgments of students, voter preferences for political candidates and jury judgments in simulated trails.

The suggestion that beauty is goodness is very relevant in the United States. Even in films, attractive characters were portrayed more favorably than unattractive characters on multiple dimensions.

All commercials, movies and sitcoms use attractive actors and actresses to make money. Why? We as normal humans watch and buy products from eye catching men and women! Do you really think that Jessica Simpson or Brittany Spears were great singers? Do you really think that Jessica Alba and Lindsey Lohan were terrific actresses, and landed their first jobs because of their talent? NO! Lohan was a cute little girl, and Alba has always been a sex pot in America! Same with Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. They are talented men, but their physical appearance gave them the upper hand in the industry, and helped them become the stars they are today! Haven’t ever heard a woman say she would choose Chris Farley over David Beckham.

There is a bottom line. Looks DO count!! Looks matter in the dating game, media and your daily life. It maybe unfair, we may hate it, but it is true. Image is king and speaks volumes about who we are. From the clothes we wear, to the places we eat and drink to the places we decide to inhabit, people notice what we do and make judgments as to who we are by how we look. People will often say that one should not care about what is outside but what is inside that matters. Its true. That is the way the world should be, but it isn’t! That kind of comment usually comes from those who are secretly worried about the way they look.

We are stuck in a modern society. We can pretend that men and women who seek physical perfection are shallow and outdated, but they are only following their basic instincts. We can disguise and we can pretend and we can plead for others to look at our inner selves first and we can spend months chatting on an Internet dating site to show how nice we are. But, in the end…..vanity is sanity! And chubbies don’t get hubbies!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nancy Boys

You’ve heard about it over and over again….. The complaints, phone calls and comments on the Anti Gym’s controversy- from Michael Karolchyk, his marketing, the concepts, systems, etc.

The reactions have not changed one bit, even though the commercials have been aired for months now on Fox Channel. The number of phone calls that Michael Karolchyk receives due to these ads have been overwhelmingly hostile, rude, and downright absurd. It has also been shocking to see not only the reactions, but just how these crazy people go out of their way to express feelings about the Anti Gym and Karolchyk.

My question is this…. Why do MEN call in and complain about the commercials? I can understand a woman getting her panties in a bunch over the commercials (plus, with a large rear end, underwear tends to move out of place). A chubby woman especially, may take these commercials personally and find it offensive (due to denial and the harsh truth- plus Sophia in the commercial may be your cake eating buddy). The “small” women who call in, well, as they claim, call in because they have fat friend. And they find the commercial offensive to their “friend”, and don‘t want their feelings to be hurt. Yah sure.

But, men. What could possibly drive a man to call the Anti Gym about the ad. I would think that the average man will either chuckle or ignore it. Why would he call in with a nasty attitude? Karolchyk’s comment on the commercial is “You’ll never get a hubby if you’re a chubby”! How does any man take this personally or get flustered because of this marketing ploy?

I can only come up with a couple of reasons why the male species would call the Anti Gym in an uproar.

1. They have a chubby wife with fattitude. Fattitude, as defined in the urban dictionary: A combination of "Fat" and "Attitude"; the loud, boisterous, obnoxious arrogance often displayed by large and/or obese women. This is very common; many large women often try to overshadow their physical enormity with a similarly large and over-exaggerated large-and-in-charge attitude.

If a man is calling Karolchyk with a nasty message, he is obviously scared of his wife’s fattitude behavior, and is terrified of her reaction to HIS amusement. He is foreseeing the wrath from her disgust if he doesn’t pretend to be offended. These are more than likely the men who immediately go to the Anti Gym’s website when his lady leaves the room to answer the door for the Chinese delivery guy!!

2. He likes chubby women, because he himself is chubby! This man is worried that the Anti Gym will make overweight chubbies extinct. He is petrified that he too will have to lose weight to get a mate! When he loses his chubby partner, he will feel and look like a sloth.

This man’s fear of losing a chubby lady is blocking his clear way of thinking. He is the man who lies only to make himself feel more comfortable. He is the guy that says he loves an overweight woman, a plump princess. But, the admitted truth is that they love bigger women simply because they seem "more comfortable with themselves”. These are also the guys who say “looks don’t matter”. HA. I dare you to turn down the temptation of a hot, sexy fit woman!

3. He is a Nancy Boy who is a member of all the feminist blog sites or a husband of the leader. This man is typically so desperate for a woman (as he is probably chubby), that he will pretend to agree with angry women. He also loves fat chicks, because they are coinsures of the fastest delivery service in the area.

The feminist blog writers are generally angry, have fattitude, and are upset at the world for their problems. This particular man is allowed to join, despite his gender, because he claims to be for woman power! He doesn’t think logically about anything and eventually believes that everything is offensive in life, everyone is out to get you, and that angry women are in the right no matter what!!!

4. This man might think he is a woman! Because of his lazy nature, full of excuses attitude, and lack of accountability has caused 1 thing….. The development of large man boobs along with his gut. The man boobs have convinced him to become sensitive to his inner woman. In this case a large, angry woman.

Like it or love it, almost everyone’s attention is caught by the Anti Gym. It’s now public attention to weight loss is out of this world. People who hate it, generally don’t like the person that looks back at them in the mirror. They react out of anger, rage, and disgust. People who love it, generally ADMIT they don’t like the person that looks back at them in the mirror. Forgive me and the Anti Gym for speaking the harsh truth, not sugar coating the negative reality of chubbies and obesity. Forgive us for speaking out against laziness and excuses. Phone calls, emails and vicious attitudes will not stop the revolution… Carry on!!

And remember: As Michael says- if you have a thin skin you will never be thin!!"

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Denial, Excuses, and Benjamin Franklin

In my 11 months with the Anti Gym, I can’t even count how many negative and absurd haters I have come across! The Anti Gym, Michael Karolchyk, the systems, branding, and concept are incredible. It is the only place where you will hear the truth, harsh or otherwise. It is the only place where there is no sugar coating.

I am convinced that Benjamin Franklin would love the Anti Gym:
“I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand.”
- Benjamin Franklin
“Beware the hobby that eats.”
- Benjamin Franklin
“To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals”
- Benjamin Franklin

Anti Gym is a place that will say what everyone else is thinking!! No Chubbies! Look, Feel, Be Sexy! You’ll Never Get a Hubby if You’re a Chubby! Forsake the Cake!

And I am certain that these are all phrases that I’m sure most of you have heard. These are also the exact phrases that anger most Anti Gym enemies. But why? Why has speaking the truth become such a “no-no” today? Well, on some issues, I guess.

It is safe for people to hate President Bush, Paris Hilton, and, oh ya, Playboy Playmates.

It is safe for people to hate Don Imus, Hillary Clinton, and, oh ya, skinny bitches.

It is also safe to say that the greater part of people agree with the no smoking ban in many of our bars, restaurants, and public service facilities. There are no bones about it when someone is upset with a smoker. The gentleman’s cigar smoke is shamed immediately. Why? Because smoking is detrimental, and negatively effects our economy, health insurance and personal health!!

Obviously, Karolchyk’s point of view and approach on weight loss is not liked by the majority. The Anti Gym has been shunned for saying “No Chubbies” or airing a commercial that shows a fat woman eating chocolate cake, as her husband leaves with a hottie. But, the Anti Gym is also putting a stop to obesity. Why? Because obesity is detrimental, and negatively effects our economy, health insurance and personal health!!

So, as you can see, I am confused about the Anti Gym’s negative reputation. Let’s be real here. It is precisely the behavior of chubbies!

Chubby: [chuhb-ee]- adjective: A person who is lazy, makes excuses and blames others for their problems.

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”
- Benjamin Franklin

The Anti Gym hates excuses. In fact, one of the characteristics of a CHUBBY is making excuses. Most of us are guilty of having done something we shouldn't have (yes, some of us have had those old boyfriends or morning after yiker girls… ah bloody hell, we all have!). When we are questioned about our misconduct, do we accept responsibility and admit we are at fault? Usually not. Instead we make excuses. Making excuses for mistakes is not new! Now, your mom’s gym isn’t going to make you fess up to these excuses for not working out or eating like crap. The Anti Gym does… truthfully and bluntly! If you have lost it, we’ll tell you!

Excuses negate responsibility, and it is responsibility that separates man from the rest of the animal kingdom (although some of us are representing mammals more and more these days). If you take credit for your successes, you must assume responsibility for failures. Haven’t seen a CEO claim to be the janitor lately. He is proud of his company and takes credit for that company. Haven’t seen the banker deny his raise in pay. He has worked hard for it, and wants people to know!!

Trying to hide our failures with excuses is like concealing a small tear in your pants with an enormous patch; it only makes the matter worse. (By the way…. If you are chubby, you will soon rip pants instead of being ripped). Hence, the Anti Gym has weekly weigh ins, daily food monitoring, monthly body fat testing! No hiding in this place. Everyone takes credit for weight loss. We make you take credit for weight gain as well.

How can anyone deflect responsibility for being obese and lazy? It is personal accountability for your own daily life decisions. So many haters get angry about the Anti Gym’s tactics of throwing cupcakes, giving urinalysis tests, and handcuffing clients to the cardio equipment. This is because we are focusing on you- the problem of your obesity. We are making you accountable- no excuses or denial! No b.s. that you don’t have time, you’re on vacation, or it was your birthday.

When you make excuses and repeat them often enough, they become a belief. The belief then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once we accept responsibility, we can evaluate our actions and take corrective measures to find solutions to our problems. Excuses, on the other hand, are like stop signs. They’re going to stop you from being sexy, looking sexy, and feeling sexy. They are stopping you from getting a hubby, and could stop you from a great sexy life!

Denial is the psychological process to protect. It is a defense which distorts reality; it keeps us from feeling the pain and uncomfortable truth about things we do not want to face. If we cannot feel or see the consequences of our actions, then everything is fine and we can continue to live without making any changes.

The Anti Gym is not about denial either. So many nasty phone calls come from the FOX TV commercials that are running right now for the AG. Why are all phone calls negative and distasteful, usually including an “a**hole”, “mother f**ker”, or “c**k sucker”? These same phone calls come from folks who are watching shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Hells Kitchen….. And the commercials are offensive and not politically correct? WOW, people, people, people! You are kidding youself. Could it possibly be that the Anti Gym commercials are disturbing to you, and the uncomfortable truth is hitting home? Ahhaa!

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.”
- Benjamin Franklin

Sunday, November 11, 2007


As the Anti Gym becomes more recognizable in Colorado, each day becomes more interesting and wacky for Michael Karolchyk and others involved with his intense business model. There are several questions that I have to ask when it comes to the angry people that are coming from the woodwork about the Anti Gym and its marketing style.

The Anti Gym has recently launched their first TV advertisement in Colorado. It is amazing how livid and wild both the chubbies and bearded ladies have become because of these ads!! Why does a selected portion of the public complain so vigorously about the marketing that the Anti Gym uses? Why do they personally attach Michael Karolchyk and myself because of these advertising ploys? Why are people complaining about the marketing style of the Anti Gym, and not looking at the product itself?

There is a simple answer to these questions. The Anti Gym product, its systems and concept is indisputable. The results of the Anti Gym’s ways are obviously impressive across the board, so what is the point of bickering about the marketing. Talk about the product!!!!!

Jeffrey G. Parker, PhD, an associate psychology professor at Pennsylvania State University, has done work, showing that there is a great deal of negative behavior and aggression connected with jealousy. Could you haters perhaps, just perhaps be jealous of the Anti Gym, it’s owner, and the clients that are seeing enormous results?! Could you be jealous that there are people out there who are motivated to be sexy?

Karolchyk receives phone call after phone call, all consisting of hatred, death threats, law suit warnings, and just plain madness! Every woman that calls makes a strong claim to be skinny, in shape, and not fat or chubby. Why then, when challenged to show up at the Anti Gym to prove their sexiness, does each one decline the offer. Michael has on numerous occasions offered to pay $1000 if the hater will appear to verify the claim of being low body fat and thin. If these individuals are proven wrong, and are higher body fat or chubby, they must donate $1000 to Mr. Karolchyk’s charity. No one will do it!? Why are these chubby people so angry about the honest punch line of the Anti Gym’s commercials?

“You’ll never get a hubby if you’re a chubby”. Fact! How can anyone honestly debate the clear fact that chubby women have less chances of getting or keeping a husband than a thinner woman? When you trade your car in, do you take it to the dealership dirty and beat up? Of course not, you clean it up, fine tune it, and help the car look its best. So, why then, are humans any different. You should clean yourself up, fine tune your body, and look your best when looking for a partner or trying to keep a partner. Come on people, being overweight effects everything in your life and relationship!

It is also a known fact that the divorce rate in the United States directly correlates with the obesity rate! As the percentage of obese people increases, so does the number of divorces! It is a simple thought process. No one finds laziness, excuses, or bitterness attractive. If you have a spouse with these characteristics, and then physically looks terrible, it is bound to become a major downer and problem for your relationship!! Chubbiness is never attractive, no matter how you look at it, and is even harder to respect.

It is very absurd how angry haters go out of their way to contact the Anti Gym, only to complain about the marketing tactics. People are angry that the Anti Gym makes fun of chubby people, and comment how ridiculous it is, how it is shameful, etc. Yet, these same individuals voice false accusations that I’m full of silicone, am anorexic, and bitchy. Michael is chubby, pathetic and has a small unit. There is one proclamation that is correct, and that is that Michael is bald (although it is usually attached with a mother f**ker). Well he does shave his head, but again, what does this have to do with an intelligent argument against the AG? How can a chubby possibly be offended by the Anti Gym’s ads and then turn around only to act in the same manner! Pot calling the kettle black?

We are simply stating the facts and communicating directly and honestly to the audience. It is very rare to find a thin person who is severely offended by the ads that the Anti Gym is airing, or the pictures that are on the website. Isn’t that interesting. These irate fat people want to argue about the marketing but they make no intelligent points and don’t have any intellectual debate!

Why so angry?? Who knew it would be such a controversy to tell the truth?! Well, the Anti Gym is not backing down from the silliness of chubbies. The goals are still the same… to help people look, feel and be sexy, to encourage sex with the lights on., to eat carbs, drink alcohol, smoke a joint and still get ripped! Like it or not, the revolution is here and here to stay, chubbies!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

If You’re Chubby, Will You Eat the Hungry

Ah, the Anti Gym. Love it or hate it, you’ve all heard of it! The extreme program is starting a revolution, and is upsetting people just as quickly as it is helping chubbies look and feel sexy.

There is an emerging problem with human health. That is the growth in obesity. It is interesting to hear and see all the bitter faces around Colorado, because the truth about obesity and laziness is being spoken by Michael Karolchyk and his brain child.

As written in World Watch Institute, the number of overweight people rivals the number of underweight people. This is a first in human history, and frankly should be embarrassing to us as a human society. The world’s underfed population has declined from the 1980’s to about 1.1 billion, but the surge of overweight people has surged to 1.1 billion during the same time.

How can society fight the obvious fact that we are becoming a lazy, sloppy, chubby nation? Overweight people have expanded rapidly in recent decades, more than offsetting the health gains from the modest decline in hunger. In the United States alone, overweight adults make up 55 percent of our population. A whopping 23 percent of American adults are considered obese.

Why is American becoming so out of control with weight? Accountability and a call to action are buried by excuses, gluttony, and bad habits both mentally and physically. And this is exactly what the Anti Gym is against, and what Karolchyk is fighting with intense aggression. So, the angry haters should be ashamed! Can you truly agree that it is tolerable for America to be fat? And even more, is it acceptable to pull the youth of our country into this sickening behavior?

The trend is spreading to children, with one in five American kids now classified as overweight.… Obesity cost the United States 12 percent of the national health care budget in the late 1990s, $118 billion, more than double the $47 billion attributable to smoking. But god forbid that a man light up a cigar in a steak house! And there are many chubbies that will quickly voice their opinion on cigar smoke, continuing to moan and groan about how it is awfully unhealthy. These same chubbies will speak their piece about politics, schools, the war and religion. Yet, why is it off limits to talk about weight? Why is there an unwritten taboo about weight? Well, I’m here to say, how dare a chubby order a second slice of pie at that same steak house!! How dare you super-size your fast food order; how dare you eat cheese with your French fries or put extra mayonnaise on your burger.

Technofixes such as liposuction attract more attention than the behavioral patterns like poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles that underlie obesity. Liposuction is now the leading form of cosmetic surgery in the United States. While billions are spent on gimmicky diets and food advertising, far too little money is spent on nutrition education.

The angry chubbies and bearded ladies that refuse to call the Anti Gym are the leaders in this absurd “effort” to lose weight. Why do you think infomercials are always selling wacky exercise equipment and miracle diet pills? They are targeting the couch potatoes! They are targeting all of you lazy people who are looking for the easy way out. Those of you that are looking to lose weight by swallowing a pill, instead of taking action and listening to the brutal truth that you need mentalcize and MAK HIT exercise!!

You are the same group of people who are complaining about the Anti Gym commercials, because they make you feel uncomfortable. That uncomfortable feeling may just cause you to reflect on your sluggish behavior!! Were it not for advertising, how would companies including those in the food and drink industry advertise their products? Chubbies, you get so excited to see that Burger King has a new value menu, yet you are torched to see that the Anti Gym is preaching the truth about obesity and bad habits!

The Anti Gym is simply nailing excuse makers to the wall. It comes down to a choice… do you want to be look, feel and be sexy? If so, get off your butt and make a commitment to change you habits, and make those habit’s a behavior. If you are “happy” being chubby, then continue down the path of death. Which by the way, I don’t care how much you preach that you are happy being fat, you aren’t!! Rosie O’Donnell and Stacy Halprin are not happy individuals. Have you ever known any woman who has been thrilled to go up a size in her jeans? Doubt it!! Stop denying the obvious!

So, what is it going to be? Being a chubby will some day become tiring! Being bitter and lazy will wear you down! Join the revolution. Listen to the call to action, and feel, look and be sexy.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Do You Want Sexiness or a Puppy Dog?

Do You Want Sexiness or a Puppy Dog?

The Anti-Gym is now up and kickin’ in both Downtown Denver and Cherry Creek, and is soon expanding into the San Diego market!
Anti-Gym and Michael Karolchyk have been anything but normal, quiet, or politically correct when it comes to gyms, diets, and successful health promotion in Colorado. There are a large number of Denver-ites who are extremely excited to be on board with the Anti-Gym’s systems and tactics, but there are just as many people who are showing a bitter hatred for Anti-Gym’s commercials, marketing, and approach to weight loss and sexiness.
In my opinion, it is no secret that the Anti-Gym is aggressive, abrupt and politically incorrect. It is also evident that results of high self esteem, sexiness and vanity are common at the Anti-Gym.
I don’t believe that the common hatred for Karolchyk and his business is due to this description though. It isn’t the fact that he called you a chubby, tells you to have sex with the lights on (who wouldn’t want that), or to get rid of the man boobs.
There is a little word…. Accountability….. That make the large and in charge cringe. The chubby, couch potatoes don’t like being accountable for their blubbery bodies and lazy habits. And the Anti-Gym is the first fitness facility that will do this and do it with no qualms.
Let me ask you this: If you visit your doctor for an annual check up, you expect him/her to evaluate your health completely and advise accordingly. Correct? Do you expect your physician to sugar coat your true health issues? Do you expect your physician to lie to you, just to be certain that your feelings aren’t hurt? If your doctor is unwilling to be critical and identify things that you could do better to preserve your health and physical well being, perhaps it is time for a switch.
This same idea should be thought of when hiring a personal trainer. If you are the client, you need to decide whether your trainer is being a bit too gentle and enabling your bad behavior. This is most common with the average gyms, 24 Hour Fatness and Belly’s.
The Anti-Gym doesn’t make this an issue, and therefore provide LIFESTYLE CONSULTANTS, NOT PERSONAL TRAINERS (who will give you massages and stretch you for half your session). These consultants are in control, and demand your fullest efforts with workouts, food logs, and all other mental and physical conditioning… every session, every workout, every day of your life.
These are all things that the plump piglets NEED to successfully become sexy and stunning. The
Anti-Gym leaves no room for excuses, pitty parties, or bad attitudes.
Karolchyk and his consultants openly proclaim to be your health conscience! While we all like them to be a "friend", that is not what he or she is there for. We don’t need a consultant to give us uncritical affection. We have puppy dogs for that.
Accountability and responsibility are both words that should be thought of by chubbies on a more regular basis! Why do we try to ignore our bad habits, disgusted emotions, dreadful routines, and repulsive lifestyle decisions?

Fatsos normally have a million excuses in the book for over-indulging and looking hefty. Such excuses include the oh so famous thyroid problem and genetic doom. Come on!!! Being accountable for what you stuff your face with, being responsible for doing cardio and weights…. It’s all the beginning of increasing your sexiness and physical appearance. You should also be accountable for your laziness and bad attitude, and get rid of the hateful behaviors of those that are thin!!

You choose your behavior; you chose the consequences. You are an adult now and you need to take responsibility for your actions. You can't blame your family anymore, your thyroid, your spouse, your career, etc. You are old enough to do something about your feelings and decisions. Your family can't take this on, nor can your boss or spouse. The greatest stress in life is to hold someone else accountable for something they can't control. The only person you control is you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Overweight at Work vs. Overweight Complainers

I often experience and observe 2 kinds of fat people; 1- Those that are overweight, but at work, trying to do something to improve. 2- Those that are overweight, but are only making pathetic excuses to dismiss responsibility (most likely blaming and complaining).

Overweight. A term generally used to indicate a chubby that has more body fat than is useful for optimal body functioning. Obesity has becoming a common condition in today‘s society, with influences of an overindulgence of food and little activity for burning calories.

Recent studies have indicated that as much as 64% of the adult US population is overweight, and this number is increasing.

A healthy body requires a minimum amount of fat for the proper functioning, but the accumulation of too much storage fat can impair movement and flexibility, and can alter the appearance of the body in ways that some may find repulsive!!!! Too much body fat, being overweight is a ridiculous way to live. YUCK!!!

The first excuse that so many overweight men and women use is the famous “I have a thyroid problem”. COME ON!!!!!! Approx 1 in 13 or 7.35% of Americans will actually suffer from a thyroid disorder. Sure there is a slim chance that obesity is caused by this disorder, but hardly a common reason! You can’t eat an entire pizza 5 nights a week, gain 15lbs., and then blame it on your thyroid. GET WITH IT!

Chubby excuse makers are those people who have hatred towards those of us that are thin, healthy, in-shape. These overweight jokers are fast food junkies, lazy, and terrified of anything healthy. They see exercise and vegetables as the evil of all.

What causes the obesity and overweight epidemic in our country is simple. It boils down to a lack of control and responsibility. It is fast food, overeating, decrease in exercise, downhill calorie expenditure. NOT A THYROID PROBLEM!!!

Some individuals are overweight, but have chosen to do something about their problem… committing to a lifestyle change. This includes an increase in exercise, conscious food choices, and most importantly, the ELIMINATION OF EXCUSES!!!

Other overweight individuals will continue to be fatsos. There is nothing worse than a large person who is miserably unpleasant, and hates those of us that are normal sized. They feel that anyone who is trying to lose weight is a sell out. They get nasty and bitter towards those who are working to make America healthier.

These excuse makers are angry at most things in their life. The only thing that comforts them is a huge scoop of ice cream in their mouth, their hand in a bag of potato chips while gulping soda.
Fatsos and the overweight many times experience a decrease in sexual activity as well. This only negatively affects the already bad attitudes of the plump complainers. YIKERS!

Besides the nasty effects that obesity and being overweight has on someone’s personal life, it also has negative effects in the workplace. According to Susan Combs, Texas comptroller of public accounts, in 2005, obesity cost Texas businesses an estimated $3.3 billion and could cost employers up to $15.8 billion annually by 2025 if this trend continues unchecked.

“Across the United States, approximately $700 billion in overall annual health care expenditures today are avoidable costs caused by unhealthy lifestyles,” said Dr. Paul Handel, vice president/chief medical officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. “Companies should create policies that encourage individual responsibility and lead to societal changes that nurture healthier lifestyles.”

WAKE UP!! Facts like these are telling you to get with the program. Drop the muffins, drop the bad attitude, and make a lifestyle change… so you can drop the pounds!!!!!