Thursday, November 8, 2007

If You’re Chubby, Will You Eat the Hungry

Ah, the Anti Gym. Love it or hate it, you’ve all heard of it! The extreme program is starting a revolution, and is upsetting people just as quickly as it is helping chubbies look and feel sexy.

There is an emerging problem with human health. That is the growth in obesity. It is interesting to hear and see all the bitter faces around Colorado, because the truth about obesity and laziness is being spoken by Michael Karolchyk and his brain child.

As written in World Watch Institute, the number of overweight people rivals the number of underweight people. This is a first in human history, and frankly should be embarrassing to us as a human society. The world’s underfed population has declined from the 1980’s to about 1.1 billion, but the surge of overweight people has surged to 1.1 billion during the same time.

How can society fight the obvious fact that we are becoming a lazy, sloppy, chubby nation? Overweight people have expanded rapidly in recent decades, more than offsetting the health gains from the modest decline in hunger. In the United States alone, overweight adults make up 55 percent of our population. A whopping 23 percent of American adults are considered obese.

Why is American becoming so out of control with weight? Accountability and a call to action are buried by excuses, gluttony, and bad habits both mentally and physically. And this is exactly what the Anti Gym is against, and what Karolchyk is fighting with intense aggression. So, the angry haters should be ashamed! Can you truly agree that it is tolerable for America to be fat? And even more, is it acceptable to pull the youth of our country into this sickening behavior?

The trend is spreading to children, with one in five American kids now classified as overweight.… Obesity cost the United States 12 percent of the national health care budget in the late 1990s, $118 billion, more than double the $47 billion attributable to smoking. But god forbid that a man light up a cigar in a steak house! And there are many chubbies that will quickly voice their opinion on cigar smoke, continuing to moan and groan about how it is awfully unhealthy. These same chubbies will speak their piece about politics, schools, the war and religion. Yet, why is it off limits to talk about weight? Why is there an unwritten taboo about weight? Well, I’m here to say, how dare a chubby order a second slice of pie at that same steak house!! How dare you super-size your fast food order; how dare you eat cheese with your French fries or put extra mayonnaise on your burger.

Technofixes such as liposuction attract more attention than the behavioral patterns like poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles that underlie obesity. Liposuction is now the leading form of cosmetic surgery in the United States. While billions are spent on gimmicky diets and food advertising, far too little money is spent on nutrition education.

The angry chubbies and bearded ladies that refuse to call the Anti Gym are the leaders in this absurd “effort” to lose weight. Why do you think infomercials are always selling wacky exercise equipment and miracle diet pills? They are targeting the couch potatoes! They are targeting all of you lazy people who are looking for the easy way out. Those of you that are looking to lose weight by swallowing a pill, instead of taking action and listening to the brutal truth that you need mentalcize and MAK HIT exercise!!

You are the same group of people who are complaining about the Anti Gym commercials, because they make you feel uncomfortable. That uncomfortable feeling may just cause you to reflect on your sluggish behavior!! Were it not for advertising, how would companies including those in the food and drink industry advertise their products? Chubbies, you get so excited to see that Burger King has a new value menu, yet you are torched to see that the Anti Gym is preaching the truth about obesity and bad habits!

The Anti Gym is simply nailing excuse makers to the wall. It comes down to a choice… do you want to be look, feel and be sexy? If so, get off your butt and make a commitment to change you habits, and make those habit’s a behavior. If you are “happy” being chubby, then continue down the path of death. Which by the way, I don’t care how much you preach that you are happy being fat, you aren’t!! Rosie O’Donnell and Stacy Halprin are not happy individuals. Have you ever known any woman who has been thrilled to go up a size in her jeans? Doubt it!! Stop denying the obvious!

So, what is it going to be? Being a chubby will some day become tiring! Being bitter and lazy will wear you down! Join the revolution. Listen to the call to action, and feel, look and be sexy.