Monday, April 2, 2007


Ok, tired of being fat yet? Sick of being offended by the label of a “bearded lady”? Ready to admit that your personal trainer is not working? Well, he/she doesn’t!

Looking and feeling sexy, being in stellar shape, and having mental balance in life all go hand in hand. Hiring a personal trainer that is more concerned about “resigning” you for more la-di-dah workout sessions is not going to give you these critical elements for healthy success.

The main focus of most personal trainers is to give you a hard workout and get you out the door, only to train the next client exactly the same way. Once you’ve stepped outside the gym, they’re not concerned about you again until you enter the gym doors again. You haven’t been instructed about your eating habits. And any discusssion about stress levels with work, forget about it! Therefore, you are bound to fail the second you walk out into the “real” world again.

The only thing a personal trainer is going to tell you is that you can’t eat at restaurants, can’t drink alcohol, and can’t buy anything at the grocery store but egg whites and chicken. And if you are a good girl, you can have green beans for a treat! Yehhh.

If your personal trainer is someone you consider a “friend”…. RUN. (Well, walk because you probably can’t run without dumping your cupcakes.) Being nice isn’t an option when you’re talking about succeeding in the gym and with health and weight goals. Personal trainers of course want to be your friend, because they want your bucks. They also want your butt to remain in tact, so they maintain job security!

Focusing on mental health, stress levels and nutritional guidance is imperative to feeling sexy and rockin’ a killer body. It is important to spotlight these elements, and your trainer isn’t going to do that.

So, if you like your beard, keep tossing money to a personal trainer. Keep emailing nasty messages to The Anti-Gym. Keep blaming your thyroid for your weight problems. Keep the bitter attitude towards the world. We’ll keep reminding you that you need to get yourself together, and dump the cupcakes and your trainer.