Sunday, November 11, 2007


As the Anti Gym becomes more recognizable in Colorado, each day becomes more interesting and wacky for Michael Karolchyk and others involved with his intense business model. There are several questions that I have to ask when it comes to the angry people that are coming from the woodwork about the Anti Gym and its marketing style.

The Anti Gym has recently launched their first TV advertisement in Colorado. It is amazing how livid and wild both the chubbies and bearded ladies have become because of these ads!! Why does a selected portion of the public complain so vigorously about the marketing that the Anti Gym uses? Why do they personally attach Michael Karolchyk and myself because of these advertising ploys? Why are people complaining about the marketing style of the Anti Gym, and not looking at the product itself?

There is a simple answer to these questions. The Anti Gym product, its systems and concept is indisputable. The results of the Anti Gym’s ways are obviously impressive across the board, so what is the point of bickering about the marketing. Talk about the product!!!!!

Jeffrey G. Parker, PhD, an associate psychology professor at Pennsylvania State University, has done work, showing that there is a great deal of negative behavior and aggression connected with jealousy. Could you haters perhaps, just perhaps be jealous of the Anti Gym, it’s owner, and the clients that are seeing enormous results?! Could you be jealous that there are people out there who are motivated to be sexy?

Karolchyk receives phone call after phone call, all consisting of hatred, death threats, law suit warnings, and just plain madness! Every woman that calls makes a strong claim to be skinny, in shape, and not fat or chubby. Why then, when challenged to show up at the Anti Gym to prove their sexiness, does each one decline the offer. Michael has on numerous occasions offered to pay $1000 if the hater will appear to verify the claim of being low body fat and thin. If these individuals are proven wrong, and are higher body fat or chubby, they must donate $1000 to Mr. Karolchyk’s charity. No one will do it!? Why are these chubby people so angry about the honest punch line of the Anti Gym’s commercials?

“You’ll never get a hubby if you’re a chubby”. Fact! How can anyone honestly debate the clear fact that chubby women have less chances of getting or keeping a husband than a thinner woman? When you trade your car in, do you take it to the dealership dirty and beat up? Of course not, you clean it up, fine tune it, and help the car look its best. So, why then, are humans any different. You should clean yourself up, fine tune your body, and look your best when looking for a partner or trying to keep a partner. Come on people, being overweight effects everything in your life and relationship!

It is also a known fact that the divorce rate in the United States directly correlates with the obesity rate! As the percentage of obese people increases, so does the number of divorces! It is a simple thought process. No one finds laziness, excuses, or bitterness attractive. If you have a spouse with these characteristics, and then physically looks terrible, it is bound to become a major downer and problem for your relationship!! Chubbiness is never attractive, no matter how you look at it, and is even harder to respect.

It is very absurd how angry haters go out of their way to contact the Anti Gym, only to complain about the marketing tactics. People are angry that the Anti Gym makes fun of chubby people, and comment how ridiculous it is, how it is shameful, etc. Yet, these same individuals voice false accusations that I’m full of silicone, am anorexic, and bitchy. Michael is chubby, pathetic and has a small unit. There is one proclamation that is correct, and that is that Michael is bald (although it is usually attached with a mother f**ker). Well he does shave his head, but again, what does this have to do with an intelligent argument against the AG? How can a chubby possibly be offended by the Anti Gym’s ads and then turn around only to act in the same manner! Pot calling the kettle black?

We are simply stating the facts and communicating directly and honestly to the audience. It is very rare to find a thin person who is severely offended by the ads that the Anti Gym is airing, or the pictures that are on the website. Isn’t that interesting. These irate fat people want to argue about the marketing but they make no intelligent points and don’t have any intellectual debate!

Why so angry?? Who knew it would be such a controversy to tell the truth?! Well, the Anti Gym is not backing down from the silliness of chubbies. The goals are still the same… to help people look, feel and be sexy, to encourage sex with the lights on., to eat carbs, drink alcohol, smoke a joint and still get ripped! Like it or not, the revolution is here and here to stay, chubbies!!!!