Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Denial, Excuses, and Benjamin Franklin

In my 11 months with the Anti Gym, I can’t even count how many negative and absurd haters I have come across! The Anti Gym, Michael Karolchyk, the systems, branding, and concept are incredible. It is the only place where you will hear the truth, harsh or otherwise. It is the only place where there is no sugar coating.

I am convinced that Benjamin Franklin would love the Anti Gym:
“I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand.”
- Benjamin Franklin
“Beware the hobby that eats.”
- Benjamin Franklin
“To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals”
- Benjamin Franklin

Anti Gym is a place that will say what everyone else is thinking!! No Chubbies! Look, Feel, Be Sexy! You’ll Never Get a Hubby if You’re a Chubby! Forsake the Cake!

And I am certain that these are all phrases that I’m sure most of you have heard. These are also the exact phrases that anger most Anti Gym enemies. But why? Why has speaking the truth become such a “no-no” today? Well, on some issues, I guess.

It is safe for people to hate President Bush, Paris Hilton, and, oh ya, Playboy Playmates.

It is safe for people to hate Don Imus, Hillary Clinton, and, oh ya, skinny bitches.

It is also safe to say that the greater part of people agree with the no smoking ban in many of our bars, restaurants, and public service facilities. There are no bones about it when someone is upset with a smoker. The gentleman’s cigar smoke is shamed immediately. Why? Because smoking is detrimental, and negatively effects our economy, health insurance and personal health!!

Obviously, Karolchyk’s point of view and approach on weight loss is not liked by the majority. The Anti Gym has been shunned for saying “No Chubbies” or airing a commercial that shows a fat woman eating chocolate cake, as her husband leaves with a hottie. But, the Anti Gym is also putting a stop to obesity. Why? Because obesity is detrimental, and negatively effects our economy, health insurance and personal health!!

So, as you can see, I am confused about the Anti Gym’s negative reputation. Let’s be real here. It is precisely the behavior of chubbies!

Chubby: [chuhb-ee]- adjective: A person who is lazy, makes excuses and blames others for their problems.

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”
- Benjamin Franklin

The Anti Gym hates excuses. In fact, one of the characteristics of a CHUBBY is making excuses. Most of us are guilty of having done something we shouldn't have (yes, some of us have had those old boyfriends or morning after yiker girls… ah bloody hell, we all have!). When we are questioned about our misconduct, do we accept responsibility and admit we are at fault? Usually not. Instead we make excuses. Making excuses for mistakes is not new! Now, your mom’s gym isn’t going to make you fess up to these excuses for not working out or eating like crap. The Anti Gym does… truthfully and bluntly! If you have lost it, we’ll tell you!

Excuses negate responsibility, and it is responsibility that separates man from the rest of the animal kingdom (although some of us are representing mammals more and more these days). If you take credit for your successes, you must assume responsibility for failures. Haven’t seen a CEO claim to be the janitor lately. He is proud of his company and takes credit for that company. Haven’t seen the banker deny his raise in pay. He has worked hard for it, and wants people to know!!

Trying to hide our failures with excuses is like concealing a small tear in your pants with an enormous patch; it only makes the matter worse. (By the way…. If you are chubby, you will soon rip pants instead of being ripped). Hence, the Anti Gym has weekly weigh ins, daily food monitoring, monthly body fat testing! No hiding in this place. Everyone takes credit for weight loss. We make you take credit for weight gain as well.

How can anyone deflect responsibility for being obese and lazy? It is personal accountability for your own daily life decisions. So many haters get angry about the Anti Gym’s tactics of throwing cupcakes, giving urinalysis tests, and handcuffing clients to the cardio equipment. This is because we are focusing on you- the problem of your obesity. We are making you accountable- no excuses or denial! No b.s. that you don’t have time, you’re on vacation, or it was your birthday.

When you make excuses and repeat them often enough, they become a belief. The belief then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once we accept responsibility, we can evaluate our actions and take corrective measures to find solutions to our problems. Excuses, on the other hand, are like stop signs. They’re going to stop you from being sexy, looking sexy, and feeling sexy. They are stopping you from getting a hubby, and could stop you from a great sexy life!

Denial is the psychological process to protect. It is a defense which distorts reality; it keeps us from feeling the pain and uncomfortable truth about things we do not want to face. If we cannot feel or see the consequences of our actions, then everything is fine and we can continue to live without making any changes.

The Anti Gym is not about denial either. So many nasty phone calls come from the FOX TV commercials that are running right now for the AG. Why are all phone calls negative and distasteful, usually including an “a**hole”, “mother f**ker”, or “c**k sucker”? These same phone calls come from folks who are watching shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Hells Kitchen….. And the commercials are offensive and not politically correct? WOW, people, people, people! You are kidding youself. Could it possibly be that the Anti Gym commercials are disturbing to you, and the uncomfortable truth is hitting home? Ahhaa!

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.”
- Benjamin Franklin